Tips for Apartment Design and Renovation in Hong Kong

Tips for Apartment Design and Renovation in Hong Kong

Whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen, office, or the entire apartment, one thing is certain - home renovation and design brings along a lot of challenges. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun!

At ALT, we aim to simplify the design and renovation process and deliver amazing projects that are absolutely stress-free for you. In this article, we are going to share our top apartment renovation and design tips in Hong Kong.

4 Apartment Renovation Tips to Maximize Your Space

Without a doubt, renovating a condo or apartment and turning your interior design ideas into reality require outstanding organization skills. After all, it is important to take into consideration all driving factors if you are planning to make the most out of the limited space available.

However, with a detailed plan and quality materials, you will be able to redesign your apartment and create an efficient and functional layout. Without further ado, let’s take a look at important apartment renovation tips to keep in mind when redesigning your home.

1. Let in the Light

Getting enough light in an apartment is always challenging, but you have a few options to maximize the amount of light and make the space appear brighter:

If there is a wall in your apartment that faces a beautiful view, consider knocking it down and installing a large floor-to-ceiling window. A large window will give a luxury feeling to your apartment and add some extra natural light to your space.

If possible, you can install a window on the ceiling of your apartment to let in more light and even stargaze at night.

There is virtually nothing a fresh coat of white paint can’t fix! Paint all the walls in your apartment in white to instantly light up the space and make it appear bigger.

Make sure that you don’t block any windows and light with large furniture. You can also install mirrors in strategic places to reflect more natural light and visually enlarge the apartment.

2. Make the Space Visually Bigger

One thing worth keeping in mind when renovating an apartment is to make the small space visually bigger. Here are a few apartment renovation and design tips to achieve this:

Install pullout tables that you can tuck in when not in use.

Use the same floor and wall tiles in the bathroom, so that the shower blends perfectly to make the room seem bigger.

Cut the clutter and get rid of items you don’t need. There is nothing that makes an apartment feel cramped more than having too many items visible.

Paint the walls in a striped pattern to make the room visually longer.

Make the kitchen feel more open by installing flat-panel cabinets with minimalist hardware, as well as using large floor and wall tiles.

Lighter colours throughout the apartment will instantly make a small space feel more open and specious. Go for neutral background tones, but don’t shy away from small colour accents.

Don’t be afraid to knock down a few walls to open up space and enlarge a room.

3. Focus on Storage

A cluttered small space seems even smaller than it already is. In addition to reducing the number of items displayed in your apartment, you can install additional storage, so that you can keep infrequently used items safely tucked away.

Here are some useful apartment design tips for making the most out of available space in terms of storage:

Maximize storage space with custom storage solutions.

Add build-ins to create more storage, while taking up as little space as possible.

Mount storage on walls to keep more floor space open. This is an especially useful apartment renovation tip when designing your kitchen.

Install floating shelves on the walls to store small items and decorations that make a room appear messy.

Make use of all the corners and hidden spaces. You can fill in empty corners with corner shelves, tables, or other furniture that provides additional vertical storage

4. Work with a Professional Designer

When working within the rules of a small apartment space, it can be beneficial to choose to work with a professional designer or tradesperson.

One of the most important benefits of working with an interior designer or contractor is that you will be able to save some cash through their trade discounts. Special pricing can apply to anything from furniture to fixtures, appliances, and even decor items.

Certain rules and policies surround condo apartment renovations, and a hired professional will assist with the documents that your building manager might require to ensure your renovation will run smoothly.

When  you hire an experienced professional, you can be confident that you receive a well-planned design that accommodates your requests, makes the most out of the limited space, and is completed according to all the safety standards. At Alt Design & Construction, our Interior Design team has access to the latest technologies to ensure the best possible project outcome for you.

Tips for Apartment Design and Renovation in Hong Kong

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Without a doubt, renovating a limited condo space comes with its challenges. However, by following our expert apartment renovation and design tips, you will be able to turn your vision into a reality and enjoy a clever and functional design that reflects you and your personality.

As experienced design and construction professionals in Hong Kong, we are used to helping our clients come up with elegant, creative solutions for apartment spaces. Whether you require a brand-new kitchen or a perfectly dimensioned custom storage option, our team is here to help. Contact us today to get started.



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