Selong Selo Group - Villa 10B - Lombok, Indonesia

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340 m²  Bedrooms – 2  Bathrooms – 3

The two-level villa design is based around simple enclosed volumes. Separating these volumes creates an open and covered space, perfect for the local climate and for creating a feeling of fluidity throughout the property.

The upper level is angled to capture breath-taking views from the spacious bedrooms.

ALT Design & Construction were tasked to work within a strict budget, yet achieve a magnificent design, whilst maximizing outdoor space and open facades to create the illusion of a much larger house.

All client goals were achieved, and the property is one of the finest examples of architecture on Lombok Island.

ALT Design & Construction Provided Services

- Concept Design
- Detailed Design & Construction Documentation
- Interior Design

Selong Selo Group - Villa 10B - Lombok, Indonesia

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